Increasing your account security with Office 365 Security Defaults (for users)

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If your company has security defaults enabled, you will be required to use a second form of authentication to increase the security of your account. This article explains what you can expect.

The next time you sign in, you will be requested for more information:


You will then be prompted to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app:


Follow the instructions to download and set up the app:


Then you will receive a notification through the app to confirm that it has been configuerd correctly:


Next, you will be prompted to add a phone number and alternative email address. You can use one of these methods in case you don’t have access to the app, for example if you don’t have your phone, have no internet connectivity, or replaced your phone. Whilst you can cancel this stage it is highly recommended that you do at least one of these.

The Authentication Phone can be either an SMS or a call, so you could use a mobile or landline number. Authentication email should be a separate personal account such as gmail or hotmail.


Note that you can always change this information later by visiting

From now on, you may need to use the app, or alternative phone or email to confirm unusual signins (e.g. from a new location) or if you are accessing sensitive information such as changing your password.

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