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If you have your own domain, you can use the new web interface to access and store your emails. This also works with the old hotmail interface of course.

You will need an admin live ID. So if you have a live ID, use that to setup the custom domain. You will then sign in using that account if you want to manage the custom domain.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add domain.
  3. Enter your domain and click Continue.
  4. Set the MX record as instructed using the DNS tools where your domain is hosted.
  5. Once you have created the MX record, go back and click on Refresh. I found I could do this immediately, seconds after creating the MX record.
  6. It then takes you to Member accounts. Now you can create user names @ your custom domain.
  7. Now you go to or and sign in using your custom domain.

The interesting thing is that this also means you can use a device with activesync support to now easily get push emails on the move – you don’t need to configure anything else on the domain. Autodiscover even works – it is like have a cloud based Exchange server for free, you just have to put up with a few ads. For instance on a Windows phone or iphone, just add it as a hotmail type account with your custom domain email address, simple.

Note when creating the MX record: with some ISPs you will need to put a . at the end of the record, for instance:

Notice that it has a period or full stop at the end. To check if it has been created correctly, do an nslookup as follows:

  1. Start Command Prompt.
  2. At a command prompt, type nslookup, and then press ENTER.
  3. For TXT record, type Set type=txt, and then press ENTER. For MX record, type Set type=mx, and then press ENTER.
  4. Type the domain name that which you are trying to verify, and then press ENTER.

From <>

 It should end in, and not have e.g. at the end.

Non-authoritative answer:  MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

That is wrong! If you get this, add a period at the end when you add the MX record.

It should be:

Non-authoritative answer:   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

Another problem I encountered was where users had already created a Microsoft account using the email address. So if they were already using this email address and created a Microsoft account for some reason, when you try to add the account, it will say that the users already exists, and asks if you want to import it. This is fine, but it means that the user has to know their password! If they don’t, they won’t be able to logon  obviously. So I would suggest before moving to or, if the mail domain is already in use, you check with all users if they have created a Microsoft account. You could also test by trying to logon using any old password – it will say ‘the Microsoft account does not exist’ if there isn’t one.

The problem I had was that it asked me to import an existing account for someone, who didn’t have one! This confused me for some time, no one had ever set a password, so it was impossible to login. There were no password reset options (e.g. secret question etc.). In my case what I did was remove and re-add the account 3 or 4 times, and suddenly it added it without importing and asked me to create the password.

So I finally got everything up and running, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support is great – much easier to setup on iPhone, iPad etc. – just choose a new Hotmail account and enter the custom email address.

The one caveat with doing this, is that you cannot use the mail client on OSX to sync using Exchange – Hotmail or doesn’t support direct Exchange connections, only EAS connections from mobile devices. This means you can only use POP or IMAP from Apple Mail, which won’t do contact or calendar sync. It is rumoured that Office 2013 on OSX will support this properly, akin to Outlook 2013 on PC.

If you need that, I would suggest using a custom domain with Google. Personally I just prefer the interface.

The interesting thing is that this also means you can use a device with ActiveSync support to now easily get push emails on the move – you don’t need to configure anything else on the domain. For instance on a Windows phone, just add it as a Hotmail account with your custom domain email address, simple.

I would recommend this for anyone wanting a first class email solution for a personal custom domain, or even a very small business solution for zero cost.

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  1. Rasmus

    thanks, this was a very useful guide.
    One question though. Do you know of a way to move the e-mails from the domains old mailhost, to

    • Hal

      One way would be to use outlook to download all the emails from the old host (individually, per account), then add the new account to outlook, and import all the emails. You could drag and drop or go via a PST file. Outlook will then upload them all to

  2. Michael

    Very useful article. Have one question. If you are a small business, is there any cost to use this service? I have searched the web without any answers. I don’t want to be surprised with a bill after start using

  3. Carlos Rivera

    I followed the instructions described above. I change the MX settings on my host provider however now when I go to the Windows live admin center and try to do a refresh on my domain it says that the services have been suspended. Is there anyway I can get this corrected. The weird thing is is that email to and from using this domain name works fine I just can’t create new mail accounts because of the suspension.

  4. lawrensium

    Hi, mind to share how you solve the problem? I’m using BIND9 on Debian 6. No matter what value I set for my MX record it always follows with my domain name.

    I set this:
    IN MX 10

    But when query from outside(like online nslookup) I got:
    IN MX 10

    • lawrensium

      Ah, finally I figured it myself. Just add a dot at the end by editing the config file. Webmin console won’t allow that because it think it’s invalid.

      IN MX 10

      Thanks guys.

  5. Cathy

    If you share a domain name with your partner who doesn’t want to use can you still configure it for only one of the users?

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