Enabling the External Recipient Mailtip in Office 365


How to enable the External Recipient mailtip in Office 365. This mailtip is not enabled by default.

Mailtips have been around since Exchange 2010, however they haven’t changed much since then. Whilst rather limited in terms of functionality and customisation, the nice thing about them is that they apply to across email clients, Outlook on desktop, OWA, and Outlook mobile. Other third party plugins typically only work on Outlook desktop, so they are still a useful feature to have.

For example the external recipient mailtip can be seen on the web as below:





The default mailtip configuration can be seen in Exchange Online as follows:

Get-OrganizationConfig | fl Mailtips*
MailTipsAllTipsEnabled : True
MailTipsExternalRecipientsTipsEnabled : False
MailTipsGroupMetricsEnabled : True
MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold : 25
MailTipsMailboxSourcedTipsEnabled : True

According to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/organization/set-organizationconfig?view=exchange-ps, these settings do the following:

  • The MailTipsAllTipsEnabled parameter specifies whether MailTips are enabled (this just enables or disables mailtips as a feature, and you can then enable or disable individual mailtips using the other options ).
  • The MailTipsExternalRecipientsTipsEnabled parameter specifies whether MailTips for external recipients are enabled.
  • The MailTipsGroupMetricsEnabled parameter specifies whether MailTips that rely on group metrics data are enabled.
  • The MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold parameter specifies what a large audience is. The default value is 25.
  • The MailTipsMailboxSourcedTipsEnabled parameter specifies whether MailTips that rely on mailbox data (out-of-office or full mailbox) are enabled.

So, mailtips are enabled by default, but if you want to enable the external recipients mailtip, you can just run the following command:

Set-OrganizationConfig -MailTipsExternalRecipientsTipsEnabled:$True

Note that this will apply to all users on any version of Outlook, including OWA and mobile. See below screenshots for how this looks:


Outlook mobile:

Outlook on Windows:

This is also a great resource for some more info: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ferris/2010/03/30/howto-configure-mailtips-in-exchange-server-2010-here/

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  1. Joe

    Is there a way to be more selective about which users this policy applies to? And/or is it possible to whitelist certain external recipients from prompting this mailtip? i.e. show the mailtip when sending to all external domains EXCEPT contoso.com

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