Windows 8 Pro vs Enterprise, which version should you install?

Windows 8 Enterprise is the version most Enterprises will deploy, supporting all features and included as part of a volume license susbscription. However some people may have a technet subscription which comes with both Pro and Enterprise versions, and may be wondering which version to install. Both are pretty full featured, for instance both versions include:

– Domain join
– Bitlocker and bitlocker to go
– Client Hyper-V

However there are significant differences which you should be aware of before deploying in a test environment.

Key differences are:
– Enterprise includes branchcache support, Pro does not
– Pro can add Media center, Enterprise cannot
– Enterprise has more advanced remote desktop client features e.g. Remote app
– Enterprise includes Windows to go feature for installing on a USB key

There is obviously more to it than that, but I think these are the key decision points if you are just installing from technet on a test machine. Check out Paul Thurrott’s excellent feature list here:

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