Managed Desktop PCs

We’ll setup, configure and manage your PCs from the cloud, ensuring they are always up to date and ready to go.

Fast, reliable, tiny

Our standard PC is the Intel NUC. Affordable and compact enough to be hidden behind a monitor, these tiny PCs are rock solid and as fast as you like. We always use solid state disks (SSDs) as standard, with Intel i3 up to i7 CPUs, so you’ll never be waiting around for applications to load.

These tiny PCs can be mounted to the back of a monitor, creating a very neat office environment.


Using Windows auto-pilot, we'll ship PCs to your Office pre-configured and ready to do. Simply boot them up and login with your Office 365 credentials.


We can deploy applications, manage updates, and change settings all from the cloud without any on-site infrastructure.


We'll connect in remotely if you have any issues, but only when you need us and we can't without your consent.