Enable Exchange Online Archive Mailboxes and Archive Policies for all users – part 2

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In part 1, we went over editing the default MRM policy as a quick way to apply an archive and retention policy to all mailboxes. In this part, we will cover starting over with a new policy, and then applying this to all users and the mailbox plan. This is a slightly cleaner way of doing this, and you will end up with a mailbox plan with a clearly defined policy. The benefit is that it is more obvious to support staff how the policy has been applied.

The alternative is to leave the Default MRM Policy (or delete it) and create a new one.

Create a new MRM Policy

New-RetentionPolicy "Cloudrun All Users MRM Policy"

Add the retention tags to the new MRM policy

Check your tag names using get-retentionpolicytag and then set in the policy:

Set-RetentionPolicy "Cloudrun All Users MRM Policy" -RetentionPolicyTagLinks "Junk Email","Deleted It
,"6 months move to archive"

Note that you have to specify all of the tag links at the same time whenever you do this, the list is not appended to.

Set the MRM Policy on all existing mailboxes

get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox -RetentionPolicy "Cloudrun All Users MRM Policy"

Set the MRM Policy in the mailbox plan

Get-MailboxPlan -Identity ExchangeOnlineEnterprise* | Set-MailboxPlan -RetentionPolicy "Cloudrun All
Users MRM Policy"

Get-MailboxPlan -Identity ExchangeOnlineEnterprise* | fl *retention* #Check the setting has applied
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